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The Whizz spacer system improves asthma control by addressing the issues of incorrect technique and low compliance concurrently. Better asthma control requires addressing both technique and compliance. The Whizz spacer utilizes a multipronged approach to provide a comprehensive solution to patients, caregivers and physicians.

Unmet Need

Despite the development of many new treatments, asthma continues to take a heavy toll on the health of millions of people. Up to 60% of patients have poor asthma control. The management of asthma involves an appreciation of the current treatment practice in addition to a willingness to educate and support the patient and their family in the long term. Too often doctors encounter patients with unchanged or even worsen conditions due to the seemingly elementary problem of incorrect technique and suboptimal compliance.

The Whizz spacer improves asthma control by

Reinforce correct technique, everytime

Encourage compliance, everyday

Flow Indicators

Provide immediate, positive feedback on correct use

Daily Alert & Reminder

Simplifies treatment regimen

Compliance Summary

Help doctors conveniently evaluate progress & adjust treatment

Rewards System

Incentivize children to take medication accurately & consistently

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